Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We Need A Dog!

I know in the midst of everything it seems odd to ask for a dog, but that is exactly what little Miss Olivia needs. Doctors have said that due to the malformation in the artery in her brain, she could have a seizure at any time. This could happen during waking or sleeping hours, so Kelly is ALWAYS watching her and as you can imagine, worries while she sleeps as well. Livi's neurologist suggested getting her a seizure dog. As it sounds, these dogs are trained to alert those around when the patient is going into and having a seizure. This would give Kelly a great deal of peace of mind to say the least. Well, her insurance does not cover getting her this assistance animal, and that is where friends and family come in. These dogs are very expensive, but our hope is that if we get the word out, we may find someone who has a seizure dog they would like to donate to little Miss Olivia. It may also be an option to find someone willing to train a dog to be a seizure dog. (I'm not sure exactly how this works) Please be in prayer for this need and get the word out...we never know who God has prepared in advance to fulfill this need in the life of a sweet, precious baby girl.  If you have any information or questions please leave a comment here on the blog or message Kelly Gant or Michelle Holloway on facebook.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers of support.

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