Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Update of Olivia

Dr. LeBron, Olivia's neurologist, called yesterday with the information from the neurosurgeon. Surgery is definitely OUT of the question, as it is too risky at this time. Basically it will only be an option when it becomes a life and death situation. Unfortunately, there is no name or "diagnosis" so to speak for the malformation Olivia has, so there is no way to tell if it will grow, move or cause any more damage than it already has. The next step is to contact oncology. They will monitor Olivia and determine whether or not localized radiation would be a treatment for her. The goal of this treatment would be to hopefully reduce the inflammation and LESSEN the risk of more problems such as seizures, eyesight issues and regression. The doctors will not get back to us until later next week on whether or not this will be a viable treatment option. Steroids are also an option to reduce the swelling, but the side effects can often be very bad.

Please pray for guidance for the doctors. Our prayer is that they will be led by Almighty God as they make decisions for treatment for Olivia. Pray for Kelly to have clarity and peace of mind as she will need to make decisions for Livi's treatment as well. Also please pray for physical rest for Kelly. As the threat of seizure is always present, it is very difficult to lay Livi down to sleep at night without trying to constantly watch her. Thank you for your prayers for this family and these sweet children.

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