Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pray For LIvi

Olivia is a fun, loving 13 month old cutie.  She was born a preemie and seemed to be doing great, just growing a little slow.  At her 9 month checkup the dr noticed her head was beginning to take on a different shape.  I was told they would watch it and make necessary referrals if needed at next visit.  At her 12 month checkup, her head was even more mishapen, so we were referred to the neurologist at Texas Children's.  They ran some tests, and came to discover the her skull is fusing together in the front, so we are waiting for her helmet to come in within the next week or so and we are PRAYING that the helmet does a wonderful job of allowing the skull to move back where God intended it to be and that this problem corrects itself.  In the process of all the testing there was a vascular malformation of the main artery in the brain noticed.  We are currently waiting on word back from neurosurgeon as to what treatment can be done, but in the diagnosis she can begin to have seizures, if the malofrmation continues to grow it can push on optic nerve and she can go blind or it can even cause an aneurism.  VERY SCARY.....this has been the hardest for me to hear.  I ultimately know that God is in control and I have faith that she will be ok, but I have a hard time with wondering if I can accept what kind of "ok" will I have to settle for...

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