Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prayers for Olivia

This week Olivia had her routine ultrasound to check the malformation in the artery in her brain.  As they were doing the ultrasound, they saw something else.  After checking from numerous angles, they discovered a benign tumor.  The tumor is located underneath the malformation in the parotid gland and is pressing on her brain, which is not good.  Dr. Lebron, Livi's neurologist said they will need to see an ENT immediately.  The ENT is necessary because the location of the tumor affects the ear, nose and throat region.  Dr. Lebron feels that surgery is VERY LIKELY at this point,  it is just a question of when and how, but as she said they will consult the ENT to make the final decisions on how to care for this tumor.  They are hoping to see the ENT Monday. 

Dr. Lebron has also decided to run a more extensive test on Olivia to try to pinpoint causes for her seizures.   Livi will be hooked up to a monitor and machines on her head 24 hours a day for a period of 3 days.  They will monitor her seizures and determine if there are certain triggers causing them. They are also trying to detemine if she is developing epilepsy from the malformation.  Upon diagnosis, the doctors told Kelly that as the malformation grew, it would be likely that Livi would develop epilepsy.  Please be in prayer for this test,  Dr. Lebron said it is hard to get approved through insurance because it requires monitoring from a nurse and doctor around the clock in the home with video cameras and EEG equipment.  As you can imagine, this testing is quite costly but she feels it is in Olivia's best interest to have it done.  Please pray it will be approved by insurance.

As you can imagine, getting this news was very frightening for Kelly.  The thought of Olivia having brain surgery is terrifying.  Please be in prayer for this family.  Pray that God will remove the tumor and surgery will not be necessary.  Pray that if that is not the case, that God will guide the doctors as they decide the best course of action for Livi.  Please pray for Kelly, for peace, for rest and for wisdom as to what to do next.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.

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