Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pray for Hannah

Oh how I love my hannah girl!   She has felt totally neglected, pushed aside and left out.....Words a mother never wants to hear her baby say.  This has been exceptionally hard on hannah.  She went from slumber party's, friends over for pizza, going to church, shopping at the mall, to staying inside and watching tv, playing games on computer and visits to my parents house.....BIG CHANGE  I ask for prayer for peace and understanding for her, to have unconditonal love for her sisters the way God loves us.  I struggle on a daily basis to make her feel just as important as the others, trying to give her somewhat of a normal, "everyday" life but if I do for her than sam and livi are left with my parents and they feel left out........God please help me!  I want Hannah to feel loved and known for who she is and what she has accomplished in life, not by oh youre the one with the sick sisters.....trust me that has been said!  She is a WONDERFUL young lady and I can only pray that having to live through this now will only make her stronger and hope she realizes into her adult years that God is the only Healer, that God is the only one who can fix the hurts and take the pain away.  I want to be able to hear her tell her kids one day, just pray, God will answer you

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