Friday, August 26, 2011

Prayers for Samantha

Samantha's recent checkup showed some problems that need to be addressed.  The doctors have decided to run more tests and do more extensive bloodwork so that better decisions can be made as to how to progress with her treatments, or if other avenues will need to be explored.  Please continue to lift Samantha up in your prayers.  Pray for guidance for the doctors and for Kelly and Jeff as they make important decisions for Sam's health.  Pray for strength and wisdom for Kelly as she navigates these treacherous waters and as she tries to help her daughters through it as well.  Pray that Samantha's body will strengthen and fight, but also that she might experience complete healing, as only the Lord can provide.  Please pray that through all this God will be glorified and the light of Christ will shine through the Gant family as they weather this storm.

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