Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pray for Sam

Sam is my 3 year old bundle of energy......I just want a little!!  Sam has been battling sickness for quite awhile.  She had osteomyletis in her ear and was hospitalized for it in October 2010.  That was the beginning of the end, or so it seemed.  She went through surgery to put tubes in ears, remove some of the bone and repair a part of the ruptured eardrum.  During the process, she was diagnosed with an immune disorder IgA and began to recieve infusions because her levels were so low.  She went from playing sun-up to sun-down and sweet and bubbly to sleeping more, repeatedly saying "Im tired" and barely eating.  I was sick.....we were told she couldn't be around others, big crowds because if she caught a cold, a simple cold she couldn't fight it.  Boy was I feeling the loneliness and the guilt of not being able to do the simple things, go to church, go to the store, take hannah to do things with friends.  This really took a toll on me.  She did several infusions and then her bones began to wear down, and she couldn't take it so the drs decided to give her a break.  During that time, her body began to break out in sores and she will go through periods where we can't get her to eat anything, those days are the worst.  She was supposed to be continuing treatment but when we went for bloodwork, she had sores on her and a fever and so they couldn't do anything until she is free of sores and fever so the bloodwork will be as accurate as it can.  We are still waiting.......Please pray that God heals her little body so we can continue on with treatment or whatever the drs seem to be fitting at this time.  All she ever asks for is a trip to ChuckE Cheese and boy do Iwant to take her!!!  Im praying things will continue to mend so I can give her a fun-filled day. 

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