Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcome Home Hero

Well, it's official, Hero is home.  It's got to be a great feeling knowing that as the days go by and everyone begins to adjust, including Hero, Kelly may actually be able to get some peaceful, restful sleep.  Kelly, the girls and her mom made the journey saturday to Dallas to pick up Hero.  He has spent the last 3 months at Shadows For Life, and still has lots to learn as a sevice dog's work is never done and they learn daily.  While Kelly, Hannah and Olivia were at the training facility becoming aquainted with Hero, listening to things they needed to know as they headed for their "official" family ride home, Kelly's mom and Sam were busy shopping at Walmart.  It's truly funny how God ALWAYS seems to know when He needs to be seen, heard and felt.  Kelly's mom and Sam were sitting in the restaurant at Walmart having a coke and a cookie when a woman in a wheelchair with a service dog pulled in to get a coke......Can you believe it, a service dog at Subway inside Walmart.  Kelly's mom walked up to the lady and began to talk about her dog.  She told her that Kelly was picking up a service dog for her youngest daughter.  The lady persisted to tell Denise(Kelly's mom) that she got the dog 3 years ago when she was diagnosed with bone cancer??  Strange, just keep reading.  The lady began to tell Denise that since she has had the dog shes been diagnosed with many other health problems as well but what's the greatest news, the testimony that God intended....the dog is able to sniff, yes I said it SNIFF the lady and it detects when she has a cold, an infection somewhere in her body and needs medical attention.    Can you say Praise God!!!  You may ask why, well Denise began to tell her how Sam had been diagnosed over a year ago with an immune disorder and then was later diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Strange how that encounter led to other events throughout the day.  As Kelly arrived to pick up her mom and Sam, Denise began to tell her the story and said she hopes and prays that Hero might become Sam's Hero as well.  Maybe dogs have an intuition, maybe we just see them acting funny and act on it, do we really know....No but God knows.

As the LONG ride home started Hero immediately jumped from the back seat to the middle where not only Olivia was sitting but Sam.  Who do you think he was fascinated with....SAM.  Maybe wishful thinking after hearing that ladys story at walmart, maybe God providing an intervention for Sam as well as Olivia, only time will tell.  Hero seems very taken with Sam, but she doesn't quite feel the same but we all know that it's only a matter of time before Hero is everyone's favorite.  The girls, the grandma and the dog are all home safe and sound tonight.  Kelly has already begun introducing him to the surroundings, doing some work with him and Hero seems to be adjusting well.

We ask that you pray for the family as they began to learn to live with Hero, as they learn to understand his tasks set before him as he cares for Olivia and as everyone adjusts to there being another person in the family.  As always we ask that you continue to pray for the girls for their healing, for peace for all three of them, for comfort as their lives are once again changing.  Even though we know the change is a good thing, for children change isn't always easy.  Please pray that as the day goes on, Kelly will be able to get some much needed rest, that the days are a little brighter and the nights a little longer. 

We thank everyone who always does and always will say a prayer or pass along this blog.  It means so much to the family to know that even people they dont know are being touched and those God fearing prayer warriors are praying for those precious girls.  Thank you to all for the love and support that you show. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Needed Prayers for Olivia

Well, it's official.  Olivia is home, and we know everyone is happy and grateful for that.  These last few days have proven very stressful for Olivia, Kelly and the rest of the family.  We always think in our minds as parents, as friends, as caregivers of the ones we love that answers will be sought and found in a timely manner.  God doesn't work that way so why should the team of medical doctors.  We dont say God give us peace or give us fortune or give us healing and BOOM it's done.  NO, we have to pray for God to give us peace and then continue to have faith, continue to trust and when the going gets tough, remember to turn it over to Him...again.  The only thing that is instant with God is salvation.  I am thankful for that!  Well, Olivia went trough several days of EEG testing, hooked up to monitors, cameras and audio to capture any seizure she had no matter time, activity or level of noise in the room.  It will take about 1-2 weeks for the neurologist to get the results of this test, as the epitologist has to read through mounds and mounds of papers, watch videos and mark seizures with the data collected.  Some other tests were done as well at the request of the neurologist and the neurosurgeon which proved to be discouraging to Kelly.  They are now looking at the possibility of Olivia having a genetic disorder that could very well be the number one cause to the problems of learning, speech, mobility and overall function.

As you can imagine, everyone was under the impression Olivia would go in for tests and come out with answers.  Not so, but we do know that our God already knows the answers to the questions, already knows the solution to the problem and ultimately knows Olivia's goals and achievments set before her.  After all, He created her for His glory, for His purpose and she is wonderfully made.  It was discovered that there may be a problem trying to remove the tumor through the nose because of how the tumor is growing.  The dr's did an ultrasound from Olivia's nose to her ear to determine the length and site of which it is growing.  The results of this test as well as others will begin to come back within the next 2-3 weeks.  Upon release from the hospital, Kelly was told to continue therapy as normal, work with Olivia as much as possible at home, continue radiation and love and cherish her daily.  Although we dont want a new symptom or syndrome or another problem, Kelly does however want answers as I am sure so many of us who love, care and pray for this little girl do.  This has been such a hard pill to swallow, but Kelly has faith, she understands Olivia isn't hers and knows there is a greater good in all of this.  Olivia's life has purpose, Kelly's road she's on has a testimony at the end, and to God be the Glory for it all.

In these weeks to come, we ask that you continue to pray for everyone in this family.  As it's hard to sit and look at the clock and watch minutes go by knowing it's weeks before the dr calls to give you results.  Please continue to pray for Olivia that everyday she will show progress in her mobility, language and activity.  Pray that no matter the outcome, whether there's an answer or another test ordered that Kelly will have acceptance, peace and continue to push forward.  Please pray for Sam as she has begun to become ill from her chemo, and struggled deeply with Kelly being gone for a week.  Pray healing for her little body that she can stay well and have a good day everyday!  Please pray for Hannah as she is faced with being the big sister.  It's hard to look at the two younger siblings and not be scared for their health, wondering if theyre ok, and still try to be as normal as a kid should be.

We also ask that you please pray for the whole family, the friends who help Kelly care for the girls that everyone may have strength to endure.  Give them the peace and comfort that is needed to comfort the girls, and the words of encouragement and wisdom that is needed to let the girl's know that everything is OK.  Thanks to all who on a daily basis pray for this family, help relieve Kelly in some way and pass on this blog to family and friends.  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.......What if our blessings come through raindrops, what if our healing comes through tears.....Many a tear has been shed over these girls and we know what a blessing they are to have in our lives.  What a blessing they are to Kelly.  Thanks for all the love and support shown, thank you is such two simple words but means something greater than simple, to Kelly.  Please pass on and know that you are granting a wish from a mother who wishes not for gold, or diamonds or a mansion on a hill but for prayers for her babies.  May God Bless you all.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 3's Journey for Olivia

Well little Olivia was seen this morning and as always, is full of energy and smiles.  The dr's said the the seizures are looking like they are originating and causing damage to the speech/learning center of the brain.  The tumor is on top of the paratoid gland which houses the nerves for speech, hearing and swallowing.  The malformation is in the brain above the tumor.....Lots of pressure and things going on in that little brain and all on one side.  The dr's are beginning to wonder if there is not an underlying cause or something that is cause number 1, and that these things aren't just adding to it.  The dr's are going to call Olivia's neurologist, and discuss further testing.  They said they are going to do bloodwork which will look for any genetic abnormailities, which is what they are leaning towards being a cause if not the main factor for these other problems.  They are also going to consult the neurosurgeon to see if the scope needs to be done before all the other testing or if it needs to be done after everything else.  Hopefully, Kelly and the family will have some peace out of what is decided today.  This has got to be hard, hearing now it might be something else, it could be something else......Olivia is just carrying on like a trooper!  Capturing the hearts of all who come in contact with her on a daily basis.  Please continue to pray that in the midst of all this, she continues to go on without a care in the world.  Her strength and happiness is a big part of what is keeping Kelly sane and calm throughout the days behind and the days ahead.

Please continue to pray for Kelly that she can endure even if the tests and dr's say, well we have to look at something else, or if they find something else.  Any news on your child's health has to be hard, even if you say I dont care the outcome I just want answers.  Please continue to pray for peace and comfort for the family. 

Please pray for the family as they are caring for the girls.  Sam is having a real hard time being away from Kelly, and Hannah is struggling as well.  This has been a big adjustment for them.  Even though the normal was going to hospital a few times a week, they were there, or were picked up in the afternoon from grandmas house and going home.  They are without the comforts of home and mommy and its hard.  Please pray that family has strength to care for the girls and give them as much comforts of home as they can.

We thank each and everyone who has continued to pray for this family, care for the children and pass along the updates and prayer requests.  That is all Kelly ever wants.  Just pray healing for those babies!!  Your love, prayers and support are always so greatly appreciated, words cannot ever express how eternally grateful Kelly is.  When you get a moment today, please say a little prayer for all the girls, lift them up to the Lord.  Thanks to each of you who read this and pass it on.  May God Bless you all.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Continued Prayers for Olivia

Well the first night in TCH was interesting.  Olivia was hooked up to all the monitors and the watch over her began about 2pm.  She has seemed to adjust well to all the equipment, but is having a hard time with all the people that enter and exit the room.  Late in the evening a few episodes were noted on the machines, and they were followed by vomiting.  Kelly informed the nurse and the dr was called.  At home, Kelly had been given medicine to give Olivia when she would have a seizure and vomit to help with the nausea afterwards.  The drs that are caring for Olivia inpatient have decided not to give them to her.  In the event there is something else causing the spell of vomiting, like pressure in the brain and not a seizure, they want to be able to see that.  The goal is to see her as normal as possible in order to determine what or why is she having seizures.  Boy talk about stressful.  Olivia is in a small room having to carry around a backpack that weighs just about as much as her when she gets out of bed to play on floor with toys.  Kelly is having to keep in her a small area of the room so she is in view of the cameras and cannot leave.  This has got to be the most difficult thing to do, keep a 16 month old in one spot....Lord please give Kelly strength, patience and lots of creative ways to play!  The scope will be done, but it's unsure when.  Dr trying to determine things from the EEG readings first to see if there is other avenues that need to be explored.  They have talked about doing genetic testing, and also looking for any other tumors that might be on major arteries in other parts of her body that could be causing problems.  No definate answers as to why,when and how...  Very discouraging as a parent to not have answers, very faithful as a Christian to say OK God, youre in charge and Im just along for the ride and to make sure the glory is given to you. Hopefully today brings new news, some answers and settled feelings for Kelly and the rest of family.  We know that God is in control of this situation and it's hard to sit back let go and let God. 

Please continue to pray for Kelly to have strength to endure each hour spent with little Olivia, patience to endure and carry on each day and a clear and open heart and mind to accept what god has planned.  We all know that it is easier said then done.  Please just continue to daily pray for this family.

Please pray for the family and friends caring for Hannah and Sam as they are away from Kelly and as their normal routines are no longer normal for them right now.  God put your arms around them and help them feel loved and feel peace and comfort.

Thank you to everyone who reads the blog, gets the word out to pray and joins others together in praying these few requests.  The love and support has been very appreciated from the family.  It's nice to know that even if you are alone in a hospital room, in the small scheme of things you are surrounded by people who are loving, caring, and praying back little Olivia to health and total restoration.  May God Bless each and everyone who reads, shares and prays!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prayers for Olivia

As a few know, Olivia will be admitted to Texas Childrens on Monday November 7 to undergo not only some testing, but a scope as well will be done through her nose to see if there is any way that all or some of the tumor in her brain can be removed.  The doctors will also be looking to see if the steroids and the radiation have done any good.  As you can imagine, this is going to be an extremely hard and stressful time not only on Kelly and Jeff but as the girls as well.  No one is aware of the outcome of the situation if the doctors can remove anything, the recovery time or the process to care for Olivia.  We do know that the Almighty God is TOTALLY AWARE of Olivia's needs and of the doctors desire to treat Olivia to the best of their ability.  I ask that everyone who takes a moment to read this please take a moment this evening and in the days to come to lift up the family, little Olivia, the nurses and the doctors.  Please pray for God's guidance to direct the doctors hands and hearts and minds on what can be done.  Please pray for healing for little Olivia's body.  We know that God can not only shrink this tumor but he can make it disappear, he can give her back her words.  He has raised Lazarus, he gave sight to the blind, fed a multitude off a few loaves of bread and fish.  My God can and will heal Olivia.  My God can and will restore her to what He has intended for her to be.  I've heard the story so many times that if you have faith, even as small as a mustard seed, thats enough faith for you to see the good works that God can do.

Updates will be posted on the blog as well as on facebook on Kelly's wall as to the condition of Olivia, prayer requests, Praises to God and any needs.  Please also pray for Kelly's family and friends who will be caring for the girls while Kelly and Olivia are at the hospital.  Please give them the strength to comfort the girls, words of encouragement where needed and pray that the girls have peace about Olivia.

Please pray for patience and understanding for Kelly.  It's hard to be a mother of a sick child and having to wait for answers.  We as humans want the instant gratification, we want things done immediately or we become angry.  We as Christians, need to remember that all things are done in God's time, because we are doing His will not ours.  We need to remember to have faith that the outcome will be what's right, whats supposed to be and what God has planned.  We have to TRUST and OBEY.....

Do not be terrified....for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.  Joshua 1:9

I have filled him with the spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge.  Exodus 31:3

Pray continually;give thanks in all circumstances.  1 Thessalonians 5:17,18