Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcome Home Hero

Well, it's official, Hero is home.  It's got to be a great feeling knowing that as the days go by and everyone begins to adjust, including Hero, Kelly may actually be able to get some peaceful, restful sleep.  Kelly, the girls and her mom made the journey saturday to Dallas to pick up Hero.  He has spent the last 3 months at Shadows For Life, and still has lots to learn as a sevice dog's work is never done and they learn daily.  While Kelly, Hannah and Olivia were at the training facility becoming aquainted with Hero, listening to things they needed to know as they headed for their "official" family ride home, Kelly's mom and Sam were busy shopping at Walmart.  It's truly funny how God ALWAYS seems to know when He needs to be seen, heard and felt.  Kelly's mom and Sam were sitting in the restaurant at Walmart having a coke and a cookie when a woman in a wheelchair with a service dog pulled in to get a coke......Can you believe it, a service dog at Subway inside Walmart.  Kelly's mom walked up to the lady and began to talk about her dog.  She told her that Kelly was picking up a service dog for her youngest daughter.  The lady persisted to tell Denise(Kelly's mom) that she got the dog 3 years ago when she was diagnosed with bone cancer??  Strange, just keep reading.  The lady began to tell Denise that since she has had the dog shes been diagnosed with many other health problems as well but what's the greatest news, the testimony that God intended....the dog is able to sniff, yes I said it SNIFF the lady and it detects when she has a cold, an infection somewhere in her body and needs medical attention.    Can you say Praise God!!!  You may ask why, well Denise began to tell her how Sam had been diagnosed over a year ago with an immune disorder and then was later diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Strange how that encounter led to other events throughout the day.  As Kelly arrived to pick up her mom and Sam, Denise began to tell her the story and said she hopes and prays that Hero might become Sam's Hero as well.  Maybe dogs have an intuition, maybe we just see them acting funny and act on it, do we really know....No but God knows.

As the LONG ride home started Hero immediately jumped from the back seat to the middle where not only Olivia was sitting but Sam.  Who do you think he was fascinated with....SAM.  Maybe wishful thinking after hearing that ladys story at walmart, maybe God providing an intervention for Sam as well as Olivia, only time will tell.  Hero seems very taken with Sam, but she doesn't quite feel the same but we all know that it's only a matter of time before Hero is everyone's favorite.  The girls, the grandma and the dog are all home safe and sound tonight.  Kelly has already begun introducing him to the surroundings, doing some work with him and Hero seems to be adjusting well.

We ask that you pray for the family as they began to learn to live with Hero, as they learn to understand his tasks set before him as he cares for Olivia and as everyone adjusts to there being another person in the family.  As always we ask that you continue to pray for the girls for their healing, for peace for all three of them, for comfort as their lives are once again changing.  Even though we know the change is a good thing, for children change isn't always easy.  Please pray that as the day goes on, Kelly will be able to get some much needed rest, that the days are a little brighter and the nights a little longer. 

We thank everyone who always does and always will say a prayer or pass along this blog.  It means so much to the family to know that even people they dont know are being touched and those God fearing prayer warriors are praying for those precious girls.  Thank you to all for the love and support that you show. 

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