Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Continued Prayers for Olivia

Well the first night in TCH was interesting.  Olivia was hooked up to all the monitors and the watch over her began about 2pm.  She has seemed to adjust well to all the equipment, but is having a hard time with all the people that enter and exit the room.  Late in the evening a few episodes were noted on the machines, and they were followed by vomiting.  Kelly informed the nurse and the dr was called.  At home, Kelly had been given medicine to give Olivia when she would have a seizure and vomit to help with the nausea afterwards.  The drs that are caring for Olivia inpatient have decided not to give them to her.  In the event there is something else causing the spell of vomiting, like pressure in the brain and not a seizure, they want to be able to see that.  The goal is to see her as normal as possible in order to determine what or why is she having seizures.  Boy talk about stressful.  Olivia is in a small room having to carry around a backpack that weighs just about as much as her when she gets out of bed to play on floor with toys.  Kelly is having to keep in her a small area of the room so she is in view of the cameras and cannot leave.  This has got to be the most difficult thing to do, keep a 16 month old in one spot....Lord please give Kelly strength, patience and lots of creative ways to play!  The scope will be done, but it's unsure when.  Dr trying to determine things from the EEG readings first to see if there is other avenues that need to be explored.  They have talked about doing genetic testing, and also looking for any other tumors that might be on major arteries in other parts of her body that could be causing problems.  No definate answers as to why,when and how...  Very discouraging as a parent to not have answers, very faithful as a Christian to say OK God, youre in charge and Im just along for the ride and to make sure the glory is given to you. Hopefully today brings new news, some answers and settled feelings for Kelly and the rest of family.  We know that God is in control of this situation and it's hard to sit back let go and let God. 

Please continue to pray for Kelly to have strength to endure each hour spent with little Olivia, patience to endure and carry on each day and a clear and open heart and mind to accept what god has planned.  We all know that it is easier said then done.  Please just continue to daily pray for this family.

Please pray for the family and friends caring for Hannah and Sam as they are away from Kelly and as their normal routines are no longer normal for them right now.  God put your arms around them and help them feel loved and feel peace and comfort.

Thank you to everyone who reads the blog, gets the word out to pray and joins others together in praying these few requests.  The love and support has been very appreciated from the family.  It's nice to know that even if you are alone in a hospital room, in the small scheme of things you are surrounded by people who are loving, caring, and praying back little Olivia to health and total restoration.  May God Bless each and everyone who reads, shares and prays!!

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