Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 3's Journey for Olivia

Well little Olivia was seen this morning and as always, is full of energy and smiles.  The dr's said the the seizures are looking like they are originating and causing damage to the speech/learning center of the brain.  The tumor is on top of the paratoid gland which houses the nerves for speech, hearing and swallowing.  The malformation is in the brain above the tumor.....Lots of pressure and things going on in that little brain and all on one side.  The dr's are beginning to wonder if there is not an underlying cause or something that is cause number 1, and that these things aren't just adding to it.  The dr's are going to call Olivia's neurologist, and discuss further testing.  They said they are going to do bloodwork which will look for any genetic abnormailities, which is what they are leaning towards being a cause if not the main factor for these other problems.  They are also going to consult the neurosurgeon to see if the scope needs to be done before all the other testing or if it needs to be done after everything else.  Hopefully, Kelly and the family will have some peace out of what is decided today.  This has got to be hard, hearing now it might be something else, it could be something else......Olivia is just carrying on like a trooper!  Capturing the hearts of all who come in contact with her on a daily basis.  Please continue to pray that in the midst of all this, she continues to go on without a care in the world.  Her strength and happiness is a big part of what is keeping Kelly sane and calm throughout the days behind and the days ahead.

Please continue to pray for Kelly that she can endure even if the tests and dr's say, well we have to look at something else, or if they find something else.  Any news on your child's health has to be hard, even if you say I dont care the outcome I just want answers.  Please continue to pray for peace and comfort for the family. 

Please pray for the family as they are caring for the girls.  Sam is having a real hard time being away from Kelly, and Hannah is struggling as well.  This has been a big adjustment for them.  Even though the normal was going to hospital a few times a week, they were there, or were picked up in the afternoon from grandmas house and going home.  They are without the comforts of home and mommy and its hard.  Please pray that family has strength to care for the girls and give them as much comforts of home as they can.

We thank each and everyone who has continued to pray for this family, care for the children and pass along the updates and prayer requests.  That is all Kelly ever wants.  Just pray healing for those babies!!  Your love, prayers and support are always so greatly appreciated, words cannot ever express how eternally grateful Kelly is.  When you get a moment today, please say a little prayer for all the girls, lift them up to the Lord.  Thanks to each of you who read this and pass it on.  May God Bless you all.

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