Thursday, November 10, 2011

Needed Prayers for Olivia

Well, it's official.  Olivia is home, and we know everyone is happy and grateful for that.  These last few days have proven very stressful for Olivia, Kelly and the rest of the family.  We always think in our minds as parents, as friends, as caregivers of the ones we love that answers will be sought and found in a timely manner.  God doesn't work that way so why should the team of medical doctors.  We dont say God give us peace or give us fortune or give us healing and BOOM it's done.  NO, we have to pray for God to give us peace and then continue to have faith, continue to trust and when the going gets tough, remember to turn it over to Him...again.  The only thing that is instant with God is salvation.  I am thankful for that!  Well, Olivia went trough several days of EEG testing, hooked up to monitors, cameras and audio to capture any seizure she had no matter time, activity or level of noise in the room.  It will take about 1-2 weeks for the neurologist to get the results of this test, as the epitologist has to read through mounds and mounds of papers, watch videos and mark seizures with the data collected.  Some other tests were done as well at the request of the neurologist and the neurosurgeon which proved to be discouraging to Kelly.  They are now looking at the possibility of Olivia having a genetic disorder that could very well be the number one cause to the problems of learning, speech, mobility and overall function.

As you can imagine, everyone was under the impression Olivia would go in for tests and come out with answers.  Not so, but we do know that our God already knows the answers to the questions, already knows the solution to the problem and ultimately knows Olivia's goals and achievments set before her.  After all, He created her for His glory, for His purpose and she is wonderfully made.  It was discovered that there may be a problem trying to remove the tumor through the nose because of how the tumor is growing.  The dr's did an ultrasound from Olivia's nose to her ear to determine the length and site of which it is growing.  The results of this test as well as others will begin to come back within the next 2-3 weeks.  Upon release from the hospital, Kelly was told to continue therapy as normal, work with Olivia as much as possible at home, continue radiation and love and cherish her daily.  Although we dont want a new symptom or syndrome or another problem, Kelly does however want answers as I am sure so many of us who love, care and pray for this little girl do.  This has been such a hard pill to swallow, but Kelly has faith, she understands Olivia isn't hers and knows there is a greater good in all of this.  Olivia's life has purpose, Kelly's road she's on has a testimony at the end, and to God be the Glory for it all.

In these weeks to come, we ask that you continue to pray for everyone in this family.  As it's hard to sit and look at the clock and watch minutes go by knowing it's weeks before the dr calls to give you results.  Please continue to pray for Olivia that everyday she will show progress in her mobility, language and activity.  Pray that no matter the outcome, whether there's an answer or another test ordered that Kelly will have acceptance, peace and continue to push forward.  Please pray for Sam as she has begun to become ill from her chemo, and struggled deeply with Kelly being gone for a week.  Pray healing for her little body that she can stay well and have a good day everyday!  Please pray for Hannah as she is faced with being the big sister.  It's hard to look at the two younger siblings and not be scared for their health, wondering if theyre ok, and still try to be as normal as a kid should be.

We also ask that you please pray for the whole family, the friends who help Kelly care for the girls that everyone may have strength to endure.  Give them the peace and comfort that is needed to comfort the girls, and the words of encouragement and wisdom that is needed to let the girl's know that everything is OK.  Thanks to all who on a daily basis pray for this family, help relieve Kelly in some way and pass on this blog to family and friends.  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.......What if our blessings come through raindrops, what if our healing comes through tears.....Many a tear has been shed over these girls and we know what a blessing they are to have in our lives.  What a blessing they are to Kelly.  Thanks for all the love and support shown, thank you is such two simple words but means something greater than simple, to Kelly.  Please pass on and know that you are granting a wish from a mother who wishes not for gold, or diamonds or a mansion on a hill but for prayers for her babies.  May God Bless you all.

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