Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update on Visit to ENT with Olivia

Well, Kelly and Olivia embarked on a day long visit to the ENT last week in hopes to get some answers on this tumor, and some uplifiting news that things would be ok...That was simply not the case.  The ENT decided to order an ultrasound of her own to look at from different angles and to compare to the ones previously taken at Texas Childrens.  As it appeared from all the tests done on Olivia, the tumor is sandwhiched in between the malformation in her brain and the paratoid gland.  We were told that the tumor is inoperable....The dr said to imagine the tumor as a piece of lunchmeat and the malformation and the gland as the bread, she asked can you remove the meat without disturbing the bread??? No, but we know that not to be true.  God, the ultimate healer can remove that tumor and heal her brain, and we pray and believe that!  Olivia will face many obstacles as she lives with this tumor.  Due to the fact that its above the paratoid gland, it can cause for her to loose her hearing in the right ear, loose feeling on the right side of her face, cause her problems with swallowing and with her speech.  Due to not knowing if the tumor has been there and just became big enough to see or if the tumor just started to grow, the Dr's are unaware if its at its point of growth or if it's still growing.  Therefore,   Kelly was sent home with steroids and Olivia began them and will take them for 15 days, then she will recieve radiation on the tumor twice a week for two weeks, then will repeat the steroids and radiation then see the dr again to see if the tumor is shrinking.  Depending on the outcome of these treatments and the followup, it will be determined whether another round of treatment is needed at that time.  The main concern is the hope to stop the tumor from growing, shrink it and in the process of the radiation, hopefully hit the malformation and cause the swelling in her brain to go down and keep it from pushing up any further into the main artery in her brain.

This has proven to be a very difficult time for Kelly, Olivia and everyone involved as you can well imagine.  Kelly feels like Olivia's life just dangles on a daily basis not only not knowing what each new day brings but wondering and worrying as how to deal with this and care for Sam and Hannah as well.  Please continue to pray for peace not only for Kelly and Jeff but for the girls.  Pray for understanding, that they might try to help Olivia everyday to continue to thrive and to be a happy little girl who loves life and eveyone in it!  Pray for the Dr''s that they be given the knowledge to know what needs to be done for Olivia in her daily treatments as well as long term treatments.

Kelly especially appreciates everyone who keeps up with the blog and says a little prayer for Olivia and the girls, everyday.  Prayer is the most precious gift anyone can give, and at this point that is all she feels she can give as well.  Please continue to be in prayer for the digitrace test that is being ordered for Olivia.  Please pray that provisions will be met and that insurance will cover this costly test that the Neurologist feels Olivia needs.  It will determine by watching her for 72 hours what she is doing when she's having seizures and how often she is having them, because as you can imagine, it is impossible for kelly to watch her 24/7 and mark and monitor every seizure.  We thank everyone who gets the word out about this blog and asks others as well to pray.  When two or more are gathered together in My name, there I am in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

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