Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Olivia starts radiation

Well as you know, with the tumor that has now been discovered in Olivia's brain she has started a 12 week round of radiation treatments along with steroids.  This treatment is in the hopes that the tumor will shrink or at the least, not grow anymore and hoping that this will reduce some of the swelling in the brain.  CT scans are being ran throughout these treatments in order to follow the growth of not only the tumor, but the malformation in the artery in her brain.  Olivia has seemed to do well with her first round of steroids and radiation but there has been some changes due to the swelling in her brain as well due to the seizures she is having.  Olivia is still a very happy little girl, but she is beginning to show signs of regression.  Her balance is becoming more unstable than before, where she used to say several words she now just mostly babbles.   She has drooping on the right side of her face, and her eating has become less than what it used to be.  The doctors told Kelly that because of the tumor being within a milimeter of the paratoid gland, these things were sure to happen as well as some other problems but it was not certain of when these things would become a reality.  The neurologist has ordered more physical, occupational and speech therapy in order to keep her going physically and keep the constant learning.  As you can imagine, this has been extremely hard not only for Kelly and Jeff but for the girls.  Kelly has to bear the whole responsibility of caring for Olivia.  She goes back and forth from recognizing people, to not remembering who someone is.  This is heartbreaking for everyone.  Also, not knowing truly how many seizures a day she is having is hard because there is damage being done from them and Kelly feels helpless that she doesnt know each and everyone, where she can alert Olivia to come to.  Thats where we are so thankful that in a few weeks, "HERO" will be at home with little Olivia and begin to help her.

We ask that you please continue to pray for Olivia and the family.  Everyday is hard on everyone.  What will Olivia do today, what or whom she will forget.  Please continue to pray for healing for precious Olivia, pray that as she continues to endure the treatments the side effects of the radiation and steroids will be minimal and she will begin to show signs of improvement.Please pray for strength for Jeff and Kelly that as each day brings new challenges, they are able to face them with Gods help and make each day count and that each of the girls are ok at the end of the day.

Please pray for the doctors that monitor Olivia on a weekly basis, that they may have insight on what to do next and that they will continue to care for Olivia to the best of their abilities.  Pray that the doctors are men and women of God and that they ultimatley do Gods will in the care and treatment of Olivia.

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