Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Newest Addition

Well, all I can say is Praise God, Praise God from whom all blessings flow.....As you know we had posted a prayer request for a seizure dog for Olivia.  Thought it sounded like a strange request, but knew that as God's people saw the need and began to pray, that when it was time  met, it would be met.  Through  dear sweet friend, a blog was posted on her page and a friend saw the need and thought of another friend....As the phone tag game started, a wonderful Constable Bobby Thurman gave a phone call and offered up a 5 month old registered black lab.  God does answer prayer!!!!!  The dog was donated free of charge to Olivia, and so began the next journey.  Tuesday, Kelly and Olivia picked up the new addition to the family whom Hannah very cleverly named HERO....So now as a trio, Kelly, Olivia and Hero left for Dallas and headed to Shadows For Life, a service dog training facility who is going to train Hero to alert the family of when Olivia is having a seizure and to get her out of one as quick as possible, as well as be her best friend to help her deal with the continued trials that she will go through.  The trip to Dallas was quick trip but it was obvious that Hero and Olivia were meant to be together.  At the training facility, the trainer watched as Olivia interacted with Hero to see how his tempermant was.  It was no surprise, that Hero knew he belonged to Olivia.  He followed her every move, and when he was put in his crate, the tables turned and Olivia stayed right with him....

The training will be from 6-8 weeks and then the family will travel back to Dallas to reunite with Hero and bring him home and learn to integrate him into the daily routine of Olivia.  He will be with her 24/7 from doctor visits, to visits at grandmas, to baths and bed.  This is going to be a very new process for everyone to get used to.  Please pray that as the family prepares for this new addition, that there will be peace.  Please pray that as Hero learns Olivia and her every move that he will do wonders for her and that Kelly and Jeff will feel some since of peace and a little lighter load being carried.  Please pray for the trainers, who will prepare Hero for his daily duties with Olivia that they have the wisdom for training him to meet her needs.

Kelly is eternally grateful to everyone for the prayers for Olivia and her needs.  She is also very grateful to the few friends who made it possible for this precious gift to be recieved.  Thank you to those who continue to pray for Olivia and the entire family, the prayers are greatly appreciated and the best want that Kelly asks for from others....PRAY PRAY PRAY

The Thurman family who donated Hero to Olivia, Shadows For Life who is training Hero and to the ones who connected the need through prayers, facebook and phone calls, your in hearts and minds forever.

Whatever you will ask the Father in My name, He will give it to you.  John 16:23

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