Monday, July 9, 2012

An Exciting Adventure

Dear friends and family,

I come to you today to give you an update on Samantha and Olivia and to tell you about an amazing opportunity that has come to them. Samantha continues to fight her cancer, and in doing so her immune system has become seriously compromised. Olivia continues to struggle with her eczema, multiple seizures and a variety of other issues. Both girls undergo numerous treatments a week and Olivia also goes to numerous therapies a week. Olivia has been accepted to a special school that is designed to work with her specific needs and we can thankfully report that she has experienced amazing progress. Doctors are still working to find treatment opportunities for Samantha. She has had a couple of tumors removed from her neck area, and they are still working to rid her body of the tumors in her pelvic area.

Now comes to the exciting part!! Samantha and Olivia have both been accepted to a specialized hospital in Colorado. The hospital is known for its specialization in certain areas. Samantha is being admitted to work on her immune system and help to build it up. Olivia is being admitted for her severe dermatological issues. The main doctors will then bring in the various other departments that may be needed for each of the girls so that they may consult and find the best treatment plan for each girl. So for instance, oncologists and neurologists will be called in. Kelly is very thankful to be given this opportunity, but as you can imagine it is also overwhelming due the logistics of getting everyone there and having both girls undergoing treatment at the same time.

Here is where you can help. As always, we need you to pray for the girls as they continue to fight their respective issues. In an effort to help Kelly with the financial needs that go with this trip, we will be holding a bake sale at Arlan's in Crosby on Monday July 16 from 4-7. We need help with donated baked goods, as well as your support at the bake sale. Please feel free to send out emails, make facebook posts, etc. to get the word out and get as much support as you can. They will be flying Samantha, Olivia, Kelly, a family friend to help, and of course Hero. And yes, she has to pay for a separate seat for Hero. We are praying he will be a huge help in helping Olivia deal with the stress of the flight. He is an amazing animal who has truly blessed this family and Olivia beyond measure.

So, please contact me if you are able to provide baked goods for the bake sale or if you have any questions. And most importantly, please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!! We know that the Lord answers prayers and that HE will provide for the needs of the Gant girls.

Michelle Holloway

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