Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Note from Kelly

So for the many friends and family who may or may not know.....Monday morning I will embark on a journey with my two little ones. Both girls are being admitted to National Jewish Hopsital in Denver, Colorado. Sam is being admitted for immune disorders and will have an oncologist consulting with the drs and Livi is being admitted for exzema and will have neurology consulting. This has to be so far, I think one of the hardest things I am having to do. I never thought that as my life was being laid out in God's plans would I be battling with drs on treatments for my sick children, battling the children for not being able to just let loose, battling with each bedtime ritual, could this be the last....It truly is amazing to see God's wonders at work in my friends and family around me, in my babies who suffer and in perfect stangers whom I have never even met....In all of my many years of life, I can honestly say I have never felt closer to God in the aspect that from Monday on its just me and HIM...I KNOW that God answers all prayers and I know that it was Him who has made this trip possible. Months ago, the trip was going to be me and Olivia and we were originally supposed to leave in May. Had a few drs appts with Sam, had some talks with drs and God saw it fit for Sam to make the journey. God knows what tomorrow holds and no matter how great Texas Childrens is known to be, the only TRUE HEALER is God! He is the only dr I need to be relying on. I received a call about a month ago that not only was Sam accepted but that she would be admitted the same day, receive treatments as well and I would be able to be with the girls one on one. Livi receives treatments and testing from early morniing to late afternoon and Sam from late afternoon to late evening..

Now the hard part....what does each day hold? Only God can answer that...As we set out on our journey I can honestly say I am afraid....of the unknown, of the changes that could be for the better or worse but I do know that God has brought me to this place, He has seen fit to entrust His children to me so I guess the least I can do is see fit to trust him with everything in me...I remember as a young child I use to have a necklace that had a small mustard seed in it. And I remember the story of how if we have faith just enough as the size of a mustard seed, thats all we need...That doesn't seem like alot and being a child of God that almost makes me feel ashamed that the size of mustard seed is all I can put into God. I have truly seen wonders of God's work and I know the wonders of God will prevail daily.

I ask that if only for a brief moment throughout your daily lives you would please say a prayer for my babies..if youre listening to KSBJ at high noon, or praying at the dinner table or during the Sunday sermon(when Bro Robin is Praying not Preaching!!) that you lift my girls up to Jesus, ask Him to take the wheel, ask Him to touch the drs hearts. I would also ask that you please pray for Hannah. She endures so much being the big sister and for the next couple of weeks she is getting a much deserved and way overdue break! Even though she's tough, she will be away from home...having fun NO DOUBT! but being a loving child and care giver for her sisters, I know she will worry about them. I ask that God give her peace to know they're ok, grant her the wisdom to grow closer to Him through this experience. I think often about how much Sam talks about Jesus how he's not in the "cage" anymore..LOL she loves to hear the story of how He is Risen! That speaks alot to me, I told my mom the other day that Sam talks alot about seeing Jesus, how He's always with her......Then it hit me if my 4 year old can see Him, why can't I? Why do I expect Him to actually be sitting at the dinner table when I get home when He's been walking with me all day...learning through the eyes of your child is no better way to learn.

I will try to keep updates on the blog at least every couple of days and try to post small updates daily on facebook.. Again thank you to everyone who has touched our lives, in no way have they been small ways! I appreciate all the prayers and love and support soo much and you may or may not ever understand what it means to me to have prayer warriors claiming my babies healing in Jesus' name but from everything I's appreciated. Love to you all and may God Bless you all who read this, who pray and who pass it on.


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