Saturday, February 4, 2012

When two or more gather.....

WOW.....I mean literally.....WOW.  That is all I know to say at the moment.  You know even as a Christian sometimes Ive wondered in my life as a young child, as an adult and even now as a mom to two sick children "Is there really a God around?" Like where is He when the *#@! hits the fan....Or where was He when they told me my child has a disease that could be treated or could kill her??? I am going to have to live with a child who can't handle the little things in life?  Dont I have enough?  I would wonder sometimes is this my payback for my past?  Am I now reaping what I sowed?  Well I have figured out that who AM I to question ANYTHING that happens in my life.  As I have taken this journey with Sam and Livi, I have found out that God is EVERYWHERE!!!!! Hello, wake up Kelly.  God's the one that brought you to the doctors you needed, God's the one that gave you a prayer warrior church family, God's the one...God's the one!  Through all of this, every fundraiser, every benefit it has all started from a seed.  One person planting a desire to help us out and through the power of prayer, the current cause would snowball...

In the past two days, I have gone to help deliver hundreds of BBQ meals that were cooked for Galena Park ISD faculty in order to help with costs for the girls ongoing medical treatments.  I then had a day spent at the elementary school where a kickball tournament was held...IN THE RAIN, people played fighting to stay out of the mud and at the top of the leader board, just like my girls fight to stay well.  Then, we went to Chick-fil-A where they were donating 15% of sales to the Gant Girls Fund.  Didn't I say WOW.  I mean that just doesn't come from ordinary people.  Some may say, well Im the one who gave the 1,000 check, or Im the one who paid for all the food to be cooked, or Im the one who organized the most.  Yes, you may have done that but it's through God's provisions that you had that money to give, you had that food to cook or you had that time to make endless phone calls. 

How do you even begin to say THANK YOU to all those that are involved.  You don't even see half the people who get involved with fundraisers.  Im just simply a mom trying to get my children to their treatments, therapy and pick up their meds and keep them as happy as they can be all the while passing people in walmart not knowing if theyre the one who put money in the account.  Seeing the lady at the grovery store saying bless you and Ill pray for your kids, who is she?  Wow all I did was grab a grocery cart and she grabbed my heart.  How do you give back to that?  Thank you doesn;t seem near what I should be saying to all the thousands of generous people who have touched our lives in so many ways. I can say that in the end no matter how things turn out for Sam and Livi in life that man life taken for granted by soo many means something soo different to me.  My journey as Sam and Livi's mom has not been one I wanted at times, its been a life that I didn't think I could do to the best of my ability but wait it's not my life.  This is my duty, I was called by God to care for HIS children.  He didn't say to me well Im getting off the cross today so your sins will remain because I can't do this as well as my Father expects. God doesnt make mistakes.  He knew what He was doing when He placed His children in my care.  If He has enough faith to entrust their lives in my hands, then I should have enough faith to know He will see me through to the end, no matter what that end may be.  I cannot say enough how grateful I am to God for lending me His children, for being able to learn patience from them, trust, an undyeing love and strength.  I am truly blessed that I was chosen for this wonderful opportunity.

We face many challenges ahead with Sam and Livi.  Sam has started her next round of chemo and radiation and the dosage has been increased.  Which could mean more fevers, more sick days, more days without eating.  Livi will see a developmental neurologist in two weeks to determine what is causing the changes in her.  As I write, I keep thinking of the same question always asked, "What can I do?" Pray even when you think you should be doing more, just pray.  Praying has worked this far so why would you change?  I am so appreciative to all who pray, who do fundraisers, who keep my girls, who make trips to the hospital to see me.  Everyone has grasped my heart in someway and the things done for our family will forever be a memory of today for me.  I can only hope and pray that as Sam and Livi get older I can sit down and tell them a story.  A story of love, hope, friendship, faith and courage.  Title it Sam and Livi, authored by all of you. 

Thank you all so much, again it never seems like "thank you" is enough but if I knew what to do different, I would.  I would appreciate the continued prayers for the girl's as well as the family as we continue to fight this battle, knowing that we win, just not knowing when trophy day is!!!  Please say a prayer for the girl's at grace, at bedtime, as your driving to work.  God hears them all, I believe and I know He does.  Please pass this on, so that others who may not know my family will know there is someone in need of prayer.  Please remember them when youre standing in line at the fast food restaurant and you see the childrens miracle network, give a prayer! May God Bless you all as always who read this, pray and pass it along.  I have been blessed. Truly blessed.

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