Sunday, January 29, 2012

Power of Prayer

Well as you may know, we came home from hospital on Friday and have had to continue with the wraps on little livi's hands and feet and continue with all the meds to not only keep her from scratching but help her little body to heal.  Through the course from day one of finding out livi was sick I have asked for prayers from all my family and friends, those I know, those I dont know who are miles and hours away.  I thank you all who pray for my "special" gifts from God.  This has been an exceptionally hard time with livi because trying to make her comfortable literally in her own skin has also shoen to be very uncomfortable.  Watching her endure the first whirlpool treatment was heart wrenching.  You could see the shear terror and pain in her eyes as she cried and screamed and all I could do was pat her and say it's ok while I had to hold back tears and cry inside to God asking for Him to give her comfort.  The last few days since coming home have proved that God has heard my cry as well as the cries of many others that livi find comfort.  She is tolerating the wraps very well and doesn't scratch as much as she has been so her little skin is beginning to heal.  PRAISE GOD!!!  Thank you to all who have prayed, continue to pray for her, it means more than you may ever know. 

We have an upcoming neurology visit on the 14th of February and I ask that you please pray for some insight into how livi is feeling, functioning and how we can better learn to live and help her on a daily basis.  It is very hard to watch her cry and scream for periods of time and not knowing what she wants and her not knowing how to express her need.  Is she in pain? Did she have a seizure that I didn't see? Did she hurt herself? It's so hard to be a mom and no that no matter what you offer, you can't offer a "fix" to the problem.  I can offer reassurance, I can offer love, I can offer open arms, prayer but thats not an instant to the current upset.  Please pray that as the doctor evaluates her that he sees her as his, and that he chooses to help her in a way he would want his child helped. I pray that God is in the hearts of those who will become the drs that help livi and teach us how to help her daily.  I pray that as decisions are made, the drs look to God first, then their books. 

Again, I cannot say thank you enough for all that everyone has done for my girls.  I will try to keep updates going as much as possible.  We are adding new treatments to our weekly routine so please be in prayer that adjustments come easy.  The prayers that flow from here to our Heavenly Father cannot be sent enough and when anyone says "What can I do???"  Thats all I know, just pray. It works.  So thanks for reading, praying, passing along the blog and being such signs of strength, encouragement and faith when mine seems to disappear in the midst of my trials.  My love to you all from me and my family.

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