Monday, October 17, 2011

Update On Olivia and Sam

Well as some may know, we are delayed in about a week to two weeks on getting to bring Hero home.  Somewhat disappointed but I know that God has a plan and only he knew what each day would bring.  The trainer at Shadows For Life says he is doing extremely well on his commands to care for Olivia but was still excitable out in public and so therefore didnt pass his first state certified test.  Praying for good news the end of this week that we get the OK to head to Dallas.  As for news on Olivia.  Olivia has started to have some seizures that have caused her to projectile vomit afterwards.  Not a pretty picture.  She went to the Er last weekend, and the neurologist was contacted and last week, Olivia started seizure meds.  This has been upsetting because it seems as if we are taking steps backwards.  I knew eventually she would be on them but was not prepared for the now.    She is beginning to be taught sign language in speech therapy because she is having trouble vocalizing her wants.  This is becoming very frustrating at times because I KNOW I need to stick to the signs everytime she wants something but she cries and cries and its so hard to not give in.  I know in her own time, she will begin to do them without hesitation and learn the words as well, but we have a long way to go.  I ask that you please continue to pray for her healing.  We are almost halfway through with her first 12 rounds of radiation and steroids and then we go back to see neurosurgeon for complete workup to see if anything has changed whether it be for good or for bad.  She is a child of God and she rests in His Hands and I pray that His will be done for her life and that no matter the outcomes, I am able to accept it, rise from it and live it.  As for Sam, she has started an oral chemo med at home and is recieving radiation on her pelvis for the cancerous tumors on her lymph nodes.  This has been a very hard pill to swallow.  She is such a fun and energetic 3 year old and its so hard to explain to her that shes sick.  She wants to know why does she sick in her throat, why does her legs hurt, why does she need that medicine....Its hard to explain to her and so the fight begins when she gets sores in her mouth and she has to take meds so she can eat, its hard to explain to her we cant go here or there because she has sores opening up on her body.  How do you tell her???  I have done nothing but PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that God will just give her body comfort and rest.  She has taught me so much about strength and living life to the fullest.  Its amazing to me how God uses someone in your life to make you think about life.  With all the help that I have recieved for the girls, its become very clear to me that even though I have felt very alone at times, my kids and I are part of the biggest and best family in the world.  The family of God.  What a feeling to feel, when nothing else seems to be, that is the one thing I hold onto.  You dear family and friends can never fully understand how completely grateful I am to have each of you.  From the emails I recieve, from the texts just to say hi, and from helping financially I am truly overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. May God Bless each and everyone of you who have touched my family in such a special way.

I ask that you continue to pray for the girls.  Hannah seems to be doing a little better with handling things and I know its because there are special people praying for her.  Please continue to pray for the healing for the girls and for the doctors who are caring for them.  Please pray for my continued  strength to care for them daily and give me the peace I need to know that whatever decision I need to make in their care that I have the ultimate answer from God that this is what He wants for His child.  More than anything, prayer is the ultimate gift and that is what I ask from each of you who read this blog, who help care for my kids during treatment days, who help in anyway.....PRAYER IS IT!!! 

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